<![CDATA[No Rest in the Nest - Blog]]>Wed, 13 Jan 2016 15:58:14 -0600Weebly<![CDATA[The 1/2 Bath with a WHOLE LOTTA UGLY turned into a            WHOLE LOTTA CUTE!]]>Tue, 03 Nov 2015 15:54:59 GMThttp://norestinthenest.weebly.com/blog/the-12-bath-with-a-whole-lotta-ugly-turned-into-a-whole-lotta-cuteFOR THE RECORD...the ugliness of this bath is no one person's fault but that of an era (1965), when beauty had much to be desired.  That be said, this is BY FAR one of the BEST transformations in this entire house.  Said ME.  And the hubby.  And the daughter.  And the two sons. And everyone who has eyes.

Let us pray.  First:  The very first day of ownership that I used this little half bath I GLORIOUSLY ripped off one section of wallpaper.  I had to put my "mark" on it without hesitation or in-trepidation!  I was so intent on my mission I didn't even see the beach theme on the wallpaper...something we could live with for awhile since I was determined to make this home sort of like it belonged in Nantucket.  I had to know in my heart of hearts that this was SOON TO BE GONE, from the beige plastic tiles to the horrific floor, whatever the cost to mind, body and pocketbook,

And then a

and Hubby was off work for a few days...

And God blessed us with a son and it went fast!

On the list of renovations:  A new vanity, a new faucet, a new light,  (I had swapped out the florescent bar light with a temporary light just so we could stand the rays) new wall coverings and new flooring.  The medicine cabinet actually had an awesome frame that I knew would be triumphantly transformed.  And the toilet was newer so we didn't have to flush that one down the drain along with all the money we would spend on the reno.

I was surprised at myself at how quickly I came up with a design solution for this 4x8 space.  We were actually out shopping for doors that weekend hoping to tackle the hallway/entrance but when we found we had to special order the doors, my brain actually switched gears and my mouth declared, "THEN WE SHALL DO THE BATHROOM!"  AND WE DID!  And it was GOOD!

And it all started with the cutest vanity I had spotted at Home Depot...which I cannot find a picture of! LOL  
You'll just have to wait for the finished product! 

Then it was easy from there.  The walls were a nightmare of construction glue from the tiles and the only way to remove it completely would be to tear out the walls.  NO WAY HOSEA...this decoratin mama had other plans; thanks to Joanna Gaines and HGTV.  What would we do without her and Chip, I have no idea, but I love that girl as if she were my next door neighbor!  Her introducing me to shiplap is now my saving grace, right up there pretty darn close to Jesus!  I mean, it is so awesome looking, and combines my love of beach cottages and farmhouse decor.  It's just the bomb.  And it was JUST the ticket for this 1/2 bath reno!

SO after all the tiles were removed, Rich scraped off the bulk of the glue.  It did NOT smell good in there at all!  So, I primed over all the remaining glue and it was like lilacs in Springtime.   Then we made a little trip to Home Depot and picked out a beautiful 4x8 piece of thin plywood...ok, maybe we got three...thinner than 1/4"...pre-sanded, with pretty grain.  We had them rip it into 8" strips and then measured each piece to make our walls farmhouse height wainscoting and then the worst wall, clear up to the ceiling.  Going to the ceiling was the perfect design even if it was a "forced" decision!  And the highlight of the day for the man of the house:  He got to use his new air nail gun.
I even got to shoot it and I ain't never had target practice!

Made a plumb line and went from top to bottom

After a WHOLE lotta trips back and forth to the garage for cutting after measuring twice and cutting once, it was time for me to paint! (HUBBY WAS a MASTER with the saw!) I had previously planned to paint the wood solid white, but once I saw the awesome grain, I decided this deserved to be WHITEWASHED.  And it turned out way better than expected.  I usually use about 1 part paint to 2 parts water.  I work bottom to top to avoid runs, like when washing walls.

Farmhouse height on 3 walls

Then I gave the medicine cabinet a complete makeover!  Inside and out, I even masked the original tag to preserve the heritage of a little piece of nostalgia we were able to salvage.


OF COURSE there is a story behind the light.  Brought home another outdoor light from Menards, as in Peru, IL there are only 2 home improvement stores to choose from.  Moving to Mendota brings a bit of anxiety to a girl who has been forever faithful to LOWE'S.  So, one day, after I had already driven from the Chilli house to work on the Mendota house, I called all around and hit everywhere possible in Peru in search of a gooseneck light.  NON TO BE HAD.  I finally found what I wanted in Peoria at my entrusted Lowes.  It was of the outdoor persuasion and a hammered steel.  NO PROB BOB, thanks to my trusty Oil Rubbed Bronze Sprayin' machine! SO I DROVE an hour and a half for the light and back again! ALL IN NAME OF DECORATING, MIND YOU!  AND THEN, ABOUT 9 o'clock at night I opened the garage door and let the fun begin!  The crazy lady is at it again with her spray paint!  First I masked around the edges and the socket and painted the inside of the light gloss white.  Once it dried I flipped it over and carefully sprayed the rest of the light with the OIL BRONZE. The medicine cabinet was also a home run!  POTTERY BARN you NOW HAVE FIERCE COMPETITION cuz I JUST HIT ONE OUTTA THE PARK!  IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!

Got your big girl pants on?  
Do ya? Huh?  
​Cuz you are about to see my bestest project ever come to life right before your little peepers!!!!!
(Maybe scroll back up and remind yourself of the before pic?)

Now park it here for awhile and feast your eyes upon the loveliness of this transformation!

So hard to photograph with the light shining in.  I swapped out the vanity knobs for a pair of glass ones I got for something else.  There is a nifty shelf on the bottom of the vanity and it's legs make it look like a piece of furniture.  And we are kinda crazy about the first ever "no pain in the drain" stopper that you press & it pops open & closed!
(We are easily entertained)
Oh, and that little faux plant on the sink:  IKEA...went shopping for kitchen cabinets & came home with that instead.  I don't get why Rich was SO HAPPY??**!!
I should probably look to see what green we used for the walls.  It was the fastest paint color selection I made in the whole house. I mean I picked it out at the store and bought it!  I NEVER DO THAT!  Heck, this was the fastest design for a room I've ever done in my 25+ years of decorating!

We love, love, love, love, the floor!  It's a floating vinyl.  It's installation a bit trickier than it should have been, but nothing comes easy in this world!  Truth be told, it took us an entire Sunday, and we missed church.  Confession over.

A bird and bloom in every room
Isn't that hook so absolutely adorable?
A bird on the wall is worth more than a towel bar, any day!

For Ladies...

& Gentleman
(tee hee)

One last note before you "go"...Every time I used to enter this room, I'd have a seat and yell how I couldn't stand being in there.  Now, every time I enter the room, Rich laughs from the other side of the door because I now exclaim,
"It's SO stinkin' CUTE!"
No pun intended.  And just in case your brain was going that direction, there happens to be a little bottle of this little miracle wonder strategically placed upon the porcelain throne! 
Just spritz, then poo as if nobody knew!

Thanks for stopping by!  Come back when you can sit awhile! 
Hope you liked it as much as we do! 

<![CDATA[Talk about "Get out of the bathroom!" It's only been 50 YEARS!]]>Tue, 03 Nov 2015 02:56:51 GMThttp://norestinthenest.weebly.com/blog/talk-about-get-out-of-the-bathroom-its-only-been-50-years

1965 and holding...but you can only hold it so long!

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"... When we first looked at the house I saw potential with this bathroom.  The original sink and counter top is in mint condition and the fact that it is a rectangle is totally cool, and I actually dig the floor.  SIX hours of stripping and scrubbing later, (my son even tag teamed on this one) we are almost done restoring it to it's original color. (Still have a closet to do)  I highly recommend Armstrong's New Beginning floor stripper and restorer for vinyl flooring.  A neighbor shared this info with me back in the early 80's...it's still available at the major home improvement stores, although I only had to pay a BUCK for mine from our local Helping Hands Resale Shoppe in Chillicothe, IL! 
Blurry pic on the left, but then again, I may have been a little delirious after all that scrubbing!  LOOK CLOSELY...Can you see the great divide in clean vs. years of build-up?
l Love the pattern; almost like sand and see the aqua flecks?  PERFECT for my color/decor!  (insert diabolical laugh)

Thanks to my Groom whom I love so much, that cast iron bathing bowl has gone down the drain
into scrap haven heaven!

 (Yes, that is a pic from our wedding.  I had to include it because as in any renovation, a couple needs MUCH prayer!  We were covered in it that day, so I believe that is why no lives were lost while redoing the bathroom.) Well the tub and it's original tile (little white tiles are no longer hip to be square) had seen better days, so it was time for a gut job.  That cast iron tub was a doosey getting out of the house, but hubby used a wee bit of aggression (I hope I had nothing to do with that!) and a sledge hammer and sure enough, it is so OUTTA THERE! (with prayer)
Because the new tub was wider, we had the plumber come in and re-plumb so everything would fit.  The plumbers decided to set the tub for us but had a bit of an issue choosing which corner should be square.  When it came time for the cement board...the hubs tucked in some cozy insulation, invited a friend over for a little cement board calibration and application, and soon it was time for the fun part!
AFTER we rebuilt the corner & mudded and feathered and sanded and primed and painted...

all those years as a paste-up artist back in the 80's, finally paid off!


         Working my way to the top...
                 before the grout

 Oh SO pretty and we LOVE the rain shower!

Shower curtain from TJ Maxx, of course; where else?! And if you've never had a CURVED shower rod, GET ONE!  They make the shower area incredibly SPACIOUS and make you feel like you are in a luxury hotel!  (side note: the new tub is a soaking tub with a ledge for your arms to rest beneath the water...SIGH...we elected not to convert to a shower only, so future homeowners would have a bathtub for little ones.  You gotta think ahead & of future buyers, when you renno.)

I am in LOVE with it all...SO glad we kept the vanity and I added my special touches with paint, hardware, faucet and the tile back- splash encapsulated with metal trim. 
(So sorry about the glade can and the other bottle...there's a man in the house, but he has since been retrained! ;-) and I just noticed them in the pic...FOR SHAME!)

My FAVORITE may be the UGLY BROWN framed medicine cabinets and the UGLY BEIGE painted heater all transformed with Rustoleum's Metalic Paint (one midnight on a creative whim) in a cute little jar found at Menards.  AND....and....and....I especially adore these precious lights!!!!!  The shades are frosted glass and so stinkin' cute from Home Depot!!! Keeping a touch of Colonial for heritage' sake.

Just sayin'...

And FINALLY...the REALLY FUN PART !  The search for the perfect decor..there is MORE to this than meets
your pretty little eyes of blue...

THE WREATH:  I had been COVETING (please forgive me, Father) a similar wreath from Pier One Imports for quite awhile.  What kept me from making the purchase:  EMPTYING a bank vault for a moment of grandeur is NOT my style!  And I'd have to ROB the bank vault FIRST, in order to do it and then what good what prison do me as I'd be forever separated from my spa-like retreat of a beautiful bathroom!

Darn cute but so not worth Prison! 

This is where my secret shopper spirit guides me...HOLY SPIRIT, of the HIGHEST POWER, that is!  So I decided to stop at a yard sale just at the end of my street and what do I see laying on a table for like $1.50 but this darn cute wreath in a clear bag.  Upon further inspection the grapevine wreath looked a GREAT DEAL like the P.O. wreath I had LONG admired, but in miniature version and the PERFECT SIZE FOR ABOVE MY TOITIE!!!!  IRONICALLY, the VERY DAY BEFORE, I happened to purchase this little turquoise spray of beaded things that I thought was a small roll of garland, but was actually a mini-mini circle of splendor.  I didn't know what I was going to use it for, but as soon as I purchased my trove of a treasure-wreath, I KNEW WHY!  I proceeded to RUN to find my white spray paint and lightly turned the brown twigs to match the P.O. wreath, then I wove in the little beaded piece and WHALAAAAAAH....Pier One Imports eat your heart out!!!!  MINE IS WAY PRETTIER THAN YOURS....so THERE!!!!!!!  Aint' GOD good???????  AND to help balance out my little jewel of the sea: these two adorable pictures that were given to me by a dear client who was redoing her bathroom!  I was painting a mural of Sanibel Island at her home when I noticed them in a pile for the thrift store.  ANOTHER BLESSING from ABOVE...that cost me NADA!

TRIPLE Darn Cute!  RIGHT?????

Ezekiel 34:36  "And I will make them and the places round about my hill a blessing; and I will cause the shower to come down in his season; there shall be showers of blessing!" 

It's the little extras that make a bath extra comfortable...
Coordinating towels,
a matching clock,
a comfy robe from my hubby (and notice how it matches!) and a reupholstered bench that once graced the very bathroom I grew up in.  Can't get any better than this.  

<![CDATA[“My people shall live in peaceful dwellings, in undisturbed places of rest.” --Isaiah 32:18  Then came the love-is-blind couple with the hammer and saw! (Bahahahaha!)]]>Thu, 20 Aug 2015 21:06:46 GMThttp://norestinthenest.weebly.com/blog/my-people-shall-live-in-peaceful-dwellings-in-undisturbed-places-of-rest-isaiah-3218-then-came-the-love-is-blind-couple-with-the-hammer-and-saw-bahahahaha
The resting obviously is meant for "AFTER" the renos!  (Or on days the hubby boycotts the sound of his bride's summons to his project of the day!)  Once that key took it's first turn we were "ALL IN" for what will become a "Rich and aDoriable" abode.  Praying God's blessings upon our new home, trusting for new experiences, friendships and love everlasting.  (Oh, and for good health:  unharmed knees, wrists, fingers, i.e. muscular and skeletal.)
"See how easy that was?!" (Reminiscing about financing & house-hunting...cough, wheeze, heart skipping...)
"I'm not even all the way in the house, wondering what I can rip up or out and he hasn't a clue what he's got himself into! (innocent laugh with a touch of sinister!)

"Let's take it from the top, people!"  (Mr. Baile's directing still resonates throughout the house...)

Where to start?  Well, we decided to start with the Master Bedroom.  All the bedrooms upstairs were carpeted and after a sneak peek beneath, we had learned hardwood was just waiting to be unveiled!  "Bottoms up! Rip that carpet!  Pry that carpet tack!  Tear that pad!  Pull those 500,000,000 staples!  So what if your back is breaking!  If you break it in two, we will have another!

And as for staples, "thank you father, may I have another?  And another, and..."

Don't be fooled by his joy.  He's really smiling because he is looking up at the wallpaper border I would soon be painstakingly scraping off the wall!  Love goes both ways, don't ya know?!
And suddenly I caught my big break.  After an afternoon of scoring and spraying with Downy and water...the top peeled off the border and I got a nice section to separate.  Operative word, "A". 

SEE?????!!!!!!! And do ya notice those little blocks of wood...every window in the house HAD them!  HAAAAAD them. (exhale as you say that!)

Border GONE! 
Staples GONE! 
Now who wants free carpet????

Better yet, who wants to help me sand?  Oh, yeah, I'm done now.  And so was my trusty Maquita sander.  But the floors look beautious! 

Because the floors looked so good and there wasn't any varnish issues, I was prompted to go the non-chemical route via a Pinterest prompt...Oil and vinegar...or something like that.  Well, it didn't do all I needed it to do, so I went on a google search and discovered Rejuvinate for floors!  The cleaner:  http://www.homedepot.com/p/Rejuvenate-32-oz-Floor-Cleaner-RJFC32RTU/202269999
and then the restorer:  http://www.homedepot.com/p/Rejuvenate-32-oz-Professional-Satin-Finish-Wood-Floor-Restorer-RJ32PROFS/202269997 

Sanding, elbow grease and Rejuvenate even got out these little marks from under where the bed frame had sat.  What they were caused from, I'll never know! (tee, hee!)  (Sorry, I couldn't resist...besides I needed a laugh and burst of motivation of things to come after all this hard work!!!!) 

<![CDATA[Instant nest builders:  Everybody has a story.]]>Thu, 20 Aug 2015 15:24:43 GMThttp://norestinthenest.weebly.com/blog/instant-nest-builders-everybody-has-a-story
April 27, 2013...Two love birds and our hatchlings during the great flood! Nothing dampened our spirits even though we had no running water and our guests had to pottie in a little blue box we rented, that was taken over by a bunch baseball tournament "goers" at the park. (off to a great start, wouldn't ya say?!*)
So here our tale begins.  Well, the 2nd chapter, anyway.  The first chapter was one summer some 30+ years ago when I was home visiting away from my true love: Newport, RI, where I spent my summers between college and and eventually lived for awhile.  Rich didn't quite win my heart back then, but it is amazing what a little time will do, (and me back in cornfield country)  after a friend re-connected us through the planning of our 35th class reunion.  A year and a half later the knot was tied.  TIGHT (both divorced, we had 3 pastors praying over us! lol)  And then the search officially began for the place for our family to roost! (Ok, not everybody...most of our kids are college grads or going to college and one has ONE MORE year of H.S.. insert tears.)

500+ days x 10k prayers = 4 offers - sanity + water loss + one incredibly patient realtor x God to the highest power

Now, there's a little more to the story about this house or house(s).  The day before we found "this one", (yes, there were others, but one in particular that stole my heart and the closest to my current home in charm, but sadly it appraised at $30K less than what the owner was willing to take.  It made NO sense at the time and was EXTREMELY disappointing, as my home of the past 10 plus years was the home of my dreams) we almost had another home, (which was technically home number 3, but who was counting after short sales inspections warned of bursting pipes, another with mold and electrical mayhem, you name it, it happened to us) but after presenting our atty's/childhood best friend's (whom we still owe a HUGE 200 course meal for her generous knowledge) contract to the by-owner sellers, I told Rich there were RED flags all over the deal.  I couldn't explain it, but those were my words.  Sure enough, the next morning, we received an email response from the seller's atty, all written in RED!  As a praying woman, I knew this was our sign that "that" house was not for us as God confirmed it loud and RED!  Low an' behold, just beneath their email was this new listing that was pretty darn cute and a more reasonable price than any of the other homes.  We studied pics and the price and the price some more, and when my big brother i.e. music teacher, who was visiting from RI, saw the large treble clef decoration hanging on the wall above the piano in the pic.  He proudly exclaimed,
                  "Well any house with a treble clef has to be a good one!" 
Low and behold, the home belonged to my former high school band director, a gentleman near and dear to me, (yes, I played that squawky instrument called an oboe!) my sister (who played the oboe before me AND took piano lessons on that very piano in the picture!)  AND to my big bro whom guest conducted some 40 years prior.  What a small world AND an honor to live in one of my favorite teacher's home.  He taught us much about respect and giving your best...and still loved me even though I probably flubbed every solo I had the opportunity of playing out of pure stage fright!  This man of integrity, more humble than pie, conducted the sale of his home in a manner in which Bach would have been proud.  It was music to our ears when he accepted our offer!